Jaya Mezzaluna Bungari, 20, is an Indonesian singer-songwriter who debuted earlier this year as the first Indonesian artist to sign to Sony Music Entertainment’s new pan-regional label OFFMUTE. Mezzaluna’s deep, sensual, soulful voice and profoundly intimate narrative style belie her age, bringing maturity and wisdom to her songs and distinguishingContinue Reading

  In the song “Dreamin’,” published under Tarsier Records, the KaixAaron Los Angeles-based Filipino duo harkens back to the good old days of slow dancing at a school prom. Late-night thoughts of someone attempting to sleep inspired the slow R&B ballad with a nostalgic vibe. The songs were written byContinue Reading

The annual celebration of National Arts Month started with the signing of Presidential Proclamation 683, in 1991, declaring February as National Arts Month. Over the years, NCCA, as well as private and government agencies, has been organizing events and activities to highlight the artistic brilliance of the Filipinos   Headed byContinue Reading

Miguel Benjamin Guico a singer-songwriter, Lead vocals and acoustic guitars of Ben & Ben known for their popular hits such as “Ride Home”, “Leaves”, “Maybe the Night”, “Pagtingin” and the critically acclaimed “Kathang Isip”. Band members are Miguel’s twin brother Paolo Guico also on acoustic guitars and vocals, Poch BarrettoContinue Reading