South Korean singer-songwriter msftz(미스피츠) ‘Belief’ and ‘Heart’

South Korean singer-songwriter msftz arrives today with her very first EP ‘Belief’ via Sony Music Entertainment Korea.

From the beginnings of putting out her work on SoundCloud, msftz now captures the attention of many established Korean musicians today. Drawing influences from her classical music background, msftz isn’t shy about crossing genres of pop, ballad, R&B and Hip-hop when creating her music.

Having recently collaborated with Singaporean singer-songwriter Sezairi for the single “Blue”, msftz continues to push her boundaries musically. Comprised of 6 tracks in total, msftz paints her perception of “belief” in each of the songs from the EP. As a fellow “Gen Z”, she presents a relatable story that the youth can connect to with her crafty lyrics and tunes.

“I felt that I wouldn’t be the only one having all these worries and complicated emotions, so I thought that it’d be interesting to express this musically,” says msftz. “I hope all those who are listening to my album don’t overthink. I hope that they could freely express themselves and believe in themselves.”

This EP will be an embodiment of msftz growth as a musician, which aims to showcase her skills in not only producing, arranging but also lyric writing. Her lead track “Heart” is a medium pop track that talks about falling into an inescapable one-sided love. It expresses the singer’s thoughts and

perceptions on the youth’s way of love through her playful lyrics. The track is accompanied by a video that stars the musician herself as a pure hearted girl who has fallen in love. msftz is metaphorically portrayed as a “killer” who wants to protect her love from danger.



  1. Heart
  2. Do You Feel Sad?
  3. 100%
  4. Well
  5. Good Girl


msftz (pronounced “misfits”) was first introduced to the music scene as Sony Music Entertainment Korea’s first female solo artist through her debut single ‘ETERNITY’ in January 2020. Prior to her debut, msftz was known on SoundCloud as a singer-songwriter under the name ‘Chicken’ with an established following of fans. Her music was streamed more than 1.8 million times on just SoundCloud alone and has demonstrated undeniable talent in music.

msftz takes interesting themes and interprets them into a relatable story through songwriting, showcasing her charming and unique music style. Drawing influences from her classical music background, msftz crosses genres of ballad, indie, R&B and even to Hip-hop. msftz is an emerging artist with a unique color palette worth looking out for.


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