Madam Inutz will definitely be in good hands with Wilbert Tolentino.


Last August 19, Madam Inutz (Daisy Lopez) just inked a management contract with Ka-Freshness Wilbert Tolentino,  former Mr. Gay World Titlist, businessman, social media influencer, and philanthropist at heart, has been doing this not only during this pandemic but also in the past, which is why many people regard him as the second “Kuya Will” because he is following in the footsteps of the generous TV host Willie Revillame. Now that Star Image Management is no longer managing Madam Inutz’s career, more people are convinced that Wilbert is the ideal manager for her. Madam Inutz will be managed by Wilbert Tolentino for two (2) years under the management contract. The contract was drafted in Filipino so that Madam Inutz could better comprehend the terms and conditions, which also happened to coincide with the Linggo ng Wika celebration. Atty. Bertini Causing was also present during the contract signing.  Wilbert Tolentino will not take any commissions from Madam Inutz’s earnings in exchange for her promoting all of his businesses. Wilbert will take care of Madam Inutz in the same way he took care of Mader Sitang’s career and will help her to flourish even more. During their FB Live contract signing in front of all of their followers, he promised Madam Inutz that he would do everything in his power to assist her in the entertainment and social media industries. Madam Inutz will undoubtedly be in good hands, and her career will flourish as she is directed in the entertainment sector and as a social media influencer by Kuya Will II, who is a successful businessman. Wilbert Tolentino, on the other hand, has never been involved in any sort of issue since he knows how to treat people well and has a great heart for everyone. All of his close friends will attest to how huge his heart is and how he can manage any scenario if he keeps his chin up and his head high. Both of them have the same disposition; they adore their families and will go to great lengths to provide for them, as well as being quite hardworking. If you’ve been watching Wilbert Tolentino Vlogs on YouTube, you’ll notice that he consistently extends his blessings to people from all walks of life. With his “KAFRESHNESS CODEBINAT,” he not only shares these blessings with his guests, but he also ensures that his devoted viewers and subscribers win fantastic prizes, such as 20 winners of Php 500 GCash and 2 winners of an OPPO A15.

Wilbert, Madam Inutz and Herlene (Hipon Girl)

Madam Inutz was featured in Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho (KMJS), and she is one of the most popular Tiktok videos since many netizens replicate her antics and mannerisms. Pokwang even created her own version of Madam Inutz, which received the most likes and views.  Madam Inutz also conducted a YouTube collaboration with Ethel Booba and Donita Nose, as well as an exclusive interview with Ogie Diaz. Wilbert Tolentino gave Madam Inutz and her mother Php 200,000 in his debut video with her. According to Kuya Will II, this is for her unwell mother’s stroke medication, as well as for Daisy to save or invest in company. This YouTube video has already received over 2 million views in just two days.  The giving continues as the first part of Wilbert Tolentino’s Vlogs, “2 MINUTE SHOPPING GALORE WITH MADAM INUTZ AND HERLENE HIPON GIRL,” is now released, with Herlene receiving a total of Php 107, 231 in products and appliances. Herlene claims that everything she obtained for free from the shopping spree is for her family as well. In her vlog, She frequently mentions in her vlog that some of the items are for her Lolo and Lola, whom she loves. She feels that sharing is the best way to help others, and that being kind will bring you triple the blessings. Madam Inutz got a total of Php 342, 173 worth of commodities and appliances in the second part of the 2 Minute Shopping Spree. She stated that she will sell some of the things on her Daisylicious Ukay Online Shop in order to save money for her mother’s treatment and the future of her three children. Because of Wilbert Tolentino’s outpouring of support, assistance, and direction for Madam Inutz, He also revealed some key insights about Madam Inutz’s future intentions, including a new tune titled “Inutil” composed by Ryan Soto. They’ll also record a full album for the internet sensation. She will also serve as a potential brand ambassador for online merchants who seek for them to endorse their items and assist them in developing a best-selling brand, among other things.


If you wish to know more about this venture, call 09175INUTIL (09175468845 ) or Email Just look for Wilbert Tolentino. Don’t miss the collab of Kuya Will II and Madam Inutz on his YouTube Channel Wilbert Tolentino Vlogs plus more details about her future projects.


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