Keep an eye out for the soon-to-be-released original soundtrack to the film “Caught in the Act.”

Last September 8, the actors of the upcoming youth-oriented mystery thriller  “Caught in the Act” promoted the film’s upcoming music soundtrack on KUMU Live. Andi Abaya (Pinoy Big Brother: Connect 2nd Big Placer), Bamboo B, and Jhassy Busran will release original soundtrack “Inner Love”.

Keep an eye out for their OST, which will be released on September 30 under ABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc, with song concepts by writer-director Perry Escaño and written by Bro. Alvin Barcelona and Henry Ong and will be available on all digital platforms (Spotify, YouTube, etc.)

Director Perry Escaño

“Caught In The Act” is written and directed by Perry Escaño who also helmed “Ang Guro Kong ‘Di Marunong Magbasa” (Cinemalaya 2017) and “Ang Sikreto Ng Piso” (2019), a Gelli De Belen-Ariel Rivera starrer.


“Nariyan Ka Lang Pala and Tanging Hiling” 🎵

(Andi Abaya)

“Sabihin Ko Na Ba?”🎵

(Bamboo B.)

 “Huwag Muna Ngayon”🎵

(Jhassy Busran)


“Huli Ka & Ako Muna” 🎵

(Bro. Alvin Barcelona)

MPJ Entertainment Productions and Golden Brilliance present “Caught in the Act”  a comedy, mystery-crime adventure movie that tells the story of a group of Filipino senior high school students (led by the characters of Joaquin Domagoso and Andi Abaya) who invent a new mobile app eponymously called “Caught in the Act,” which is a crime-stopping phone application that allows people to report crimes happening around.

Apart from Joaquin Domagoso (son of Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno) and Andi Abaya (Pinoy Big Brother: Connect 2nd Big Placer)  New faces are also introduced in the movie to play major roles. They are Josh Lichtenberg, Jhassy Cruz Busran, and Bamboo B. Playing supporting roles are Karel Marquez, Lance Raymundo, Shido Roxas, John Gabriel, Toni Co, EJ Panganiban, Roy Sotero, Ella Sheen, Jiana Aurigue, and Edna Hernandez.

#CaughtInTheAct is an upcoming mystery thriller aimed towards young people that will premiere in the Metro Manila Film Festival in 2021, among other festivals.


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