Mezzaluna, an OFFMUTE artist, unveils a music video for his debut single “IN SITU”

Jaya Mezzaluna Bungari, 20, is an Indonesian singer-songwriter who debuted earlier this year as the first Indonesian artist to sign to Sony Music Entertainment’s new pan-regional label OFFMUTE. Mezzaluna’s deep, sensual, soulful voice and profoundly intimate narrative style belie her age, bringing maturity and wisdom to her songs and distinguishing her as an alt-pop newbie in Indonesia’s local music industry. As the daughter of Indonesian musician BimBim – drummer of the iconic Indonesian rock band Slank — Mezzaluna grew up in a musical family. She began playing the piano and guitar at a young age, and at the age of 15, she began writing her own songs.

Jaya Mezzaluna Bungari

Mezzaluna is enthusiastic about the social and environmental issues that affect the globe today, making her a voice for her generation and consolidating her identity as an artist. She studied Anthropology and Political Science in the United Kingdom. Her music reflects her humility and honesty, allowing her to create inspiring and compelling songs with a broad appeal.

The 20-year-old musician was the first Indonesian to be signed to Sony Music’s OFFMUTE label, which is dedicated to promoting and collaborating with local and upcoming artists in Southeast Asia in order to reach new audiences.  “The opportunity I have with OFFMUTE has opened a lot of doors for me in the music industry. For the first time ever, I feel hopeful and want everyone in Indonesia to know that dreams do come true no matter where you come from. To be born in a country rich in art and culture, I aspire to create my music locally and be globally relatable. I want people to see Indonesia as the country it truly is.”

‘In Situ,’ written while Mezzaluna was only 15 years old and just beginning her musical career. Her deep, rich vocals and very personal storytelling writing style belie her youth, bringing the weight and wisdom of heartbreak. “It was one of the quickest writing processes I’ve done as I was being honest with my feelings. It was easier. Since it was based on my own personal experience, I was just speaking from my heart.” In partnership with Indonesian producer Gio Wibowo, the jazzy, neo-soul, alt-pop track was born. Working with Gio on the song was surreal to me as I didn’t think that I would make it this far. It started out as a fun little project that I thought would only stop there but it turned out great and I really am proud of it.”

OFFMUTE seeks to safeguard the process of pursuing and exploring a track’s artistic concept for artists signed to their label. With the accompanying music video, Mezzaluna was able to complete her concept for ‘In Situ.’

The video, which was directed by Deby Sucha and produced by Howdy Productions Indonesia, captures Mezzaluna’s anxious wistfulness and melancholy in her song. The polarizing tension of stillness in waiting and restlessness of impatience is mirrored by the contrasting imagery of light and shadow, which exudes the polarizing tension of exposed vulnerability and concealed pessimism.

Sony Music Entertainment’s OFFMUTE is a new pan-regional label dedicated to fostering young and rising Southeast Asian artists of all genres, providing them with a dedicated platform to follow their creative vision and reach consumers across the region.

With the expanded commercial, marketing, and artistic development of Sony Music’s worldwide skills and resources, the new label will assist Southeast Asian artists in amplifying their music and establishing a strong pan-regional audience base.

OFFMUTE is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, emphasizing the region’s diverse appeal and rich diversity while providing artists with the resources and knowledge they need to find acceptance.

OFFMUTE debuted in March 2021, with new artists from Indonesia (Mezzaluna), the Philippines (Clara Benin), and Malaysia (Mezzaluna, Mezzaluna, Mezzaluna, Mezzaluna, Mezzaluna, Mezzaluna, Mezzalun (liesl-mae).


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