Ox year hottest “Sex Icon” Miko Pasamonte

Young-sexy-hot  MIKO PASAMONTE,  one of the stars of the film “ANAK NG MACHO DANCER’  by director Joel Lamangan and  produced by Joed Serrano, with Grace Ibuna as a business consultant.

                                                                                      Miko Pasamonte 

Miko was also known for the film “The Escort” (2011) and  three other gay-themed films “Kape Barako” “Kumpare” (2012) and “#Labyu” (2014).  Miko was ambitious when achieving his ambitions and showed persistence and  commitment.

                                                                          Joed Serrano (Producer)

Joed Serrano, former That’s Entertainment mainstay is the  producer of the movie ‘Anak ng Macho Dancer’ admitted  that he is  gambling  at these times  of pandemic, but he claimed that the film is worth “I  am  not  worried.  It’s a masterpiece from an award-winning director Joel Lamangan.  So I have a strong faith and belief  that  the  movie  is going to make it”.

Also in the cast of Anak ng Macho Dancer are Ricky Gumera, Charles Nathan, David Schion, Miko Pasamonte, Niel Suarez and Sean De Guzman from Clique V. Sean will be the  Lead star of the movie,  he has a resemblance with the original Macho Dancer Allan Paule.