“The pandemic is a great challenge in itself. That’s why leading an organization at this time of the crisis doubles the challenge. Therefore, let us all work together in unity to serve our club’s purpose,” newly elected PMPC president Roldan Castro said. The PMPC (Philippine Movie Press Club, Inc.) is a collective of competent and committed  entertainment  journalists of newspaper and tabloid film writers, bloggers/vloggers, online influencers and online radio/television reporters in the country. PMPC acts as an independent award-giving body through the PMPCContinue Reading

If you like beautifully made and interesting films,  you’d definitely enjoy Ross Wachsmann‘s latest sci-fi horror film “Ascension.” It delivers a dose of good visuals and cinematography, and touches on extrasensory perception and extraterrestrial life forms. “Ascension” tells about Angela and her family, five months after her mother committed suicide. Still reelingContinue Reading