Mark your calendar as TV5’s Sing Galing Kids will premiere on July 16th, showcasing the “Sing Kulitan” of young aspiring artists.


The successful Kiddiecon of Sing Galing Kids Edition was held at Vista Mall on July 9, 2022, and featured appearances by the Original Sing Masters, Jukebosses, and Arkidia Ates.

It’s time to belt out some tunes and show off your karaoke prowess since this entertaining kids’ edition promises to be a thrilling performance including a new cast of Jukebossess and the original Sing Masters, Randy Santiago, K Brosas, and Donita Nose.

Randy Santiago and  K Brosas 

Donita Nose

With remarkable performers from the Philippine music industry joining the panel of Sing Galing Kids Jukebosses, including the Fearless Diva Jona, Pinoy Hip-Hop Superstar Gloc-9, Asia’s Phoenix Morissette, and Champion Diva Ethel Booba, Sing Galing Kids will be one of the most anticipated TV5 shows this year.

Randy Santiago says, “5-12 (Years Old), but when they sing, especially those between the ages of 10 and 12, pwede nang lumaban sa regular season namin.” He continues, “Nakakatawa ang mga bata. Kung ano man ang aasahan n’yo, Asahan n’yo na.”
The show will also feature Genie, the beloved mascot of Sing Galing, and Digiverse Master Zendee, who will be joined by the two charming Junior Singtokers Yoyo and Tyronia. The “Arkidia Ates,” who will be mingling with the Kiddie contestants, will be Queenay and Mari Mar Tua, the grand champion of the Sing Galing’s  Ultimate Bida-oke .
What can the kids expect from “Arkidia Ate” Queenay when she hangs out with them? Gusto ko ma-feel na bilang as ate guided sila, kailangan ma-feel nila ‘yung love and support,” Queenay says with a smile.
All of Sing Galing hosts are described by Sing Master K Brosas as “Kampante na at kapaan nalang.”
Sing Master Donita Rose describes Sing Galing Kids competitors as “Mga kids na kumakanta ng classic songs na hindi ko alam, Nabibigla ako! Like Matt Monroe, Engelbert Humperdinck may “My Way” pa nga.”
Don’t miss the Sing Galing Kids premiere on July 16 to see how the outstanding young performers of this generation showcase their vocal prowess to become the next videoke champion on TV5.
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