The untold story that “The Brilliant Life” reveals is what led to brilliant success.

Glenda Victorio

Glenda Victorio, CEO of Brilliant Skin Essentials, didn’t exactly fit the stereotype of a successful adult when she was younger. After her parents divorced and her mother left her when Glenda was two years old, she spent her childhood years living with her grandma.

In 2016, Glenda applied her marketing know-how and innovative selling techniques, which she learned from suppliers, to her cosmetics product. She launched Brilliant Skin Essentials, a line of products for the face and skin that promotes renewal, after extensive research and study.

She may be the youngest leader in the Philippines. She has shown the kind of vision and business savvy that comes from experience despite being young. Through the success of her business, Brilliant Skin Essentials.

She decided to use this miniseries as an opportunity to reveal the hardships she had and the ways she used to overcome them.

In the miniseries, “The Brilliant Life,” Glenda described some of the first-ever obstacles and milestones she faced, starting with her role as Brilliant Skin Essentials’ founder and CEO.

Arci Muñoz

This four-episode miniseries highlighted a lot of crucial moments in Glenda’s life. Everyone will agree that Arci Muñoz’s portrayal of Glenda’s life story highlights the similarities between the two, beginning with their shared sense of humor and resemblance in looks.

JM De Guzman will portray Glenda’s husband, Mac Victorio, alongside some cast members, including Lola Priscilla, Axel Torres, Karen Reyes, Eli Padilla, and Hannah Lopez Vito, and Marc Santiago.

“At sa pagbabahagi ko ng aking #TheBrilliantLife, hangad ko na ma-inspire kayo na lumaban at magpatuloy sa laban ng buhay, said the 25-year-old CEO.

Be inspired by Glenda’s brilliance by tuning in to The Brilliant Life: A Yuletide Inspiration every Saturday, 6:00 p.m. on TV5. You can also catch this via livestream on Brilliant Skin Essentials, Miss Glenda, Cignal Entertainment, and TV5’s Facebook pages and YouTube channels.

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