Ayumi Takezawa, a fresh face with a unique talent

Ayumi Takezawa also known as Ayu is a 21-year-old Filipina actress with Brazilian, Japanese, and Spanish ancestry—No doubt as to why she is so pretty.  She is a third year student taking a Bachelor of Science in International Travel Management. Ayu says ” I was the only child in my family, and I grew up with my mother and grandmother. My mom has been my sole supporter since I was eight years old. I admire her not just because she is a single mother, but also because she has played such an important role in my life”.

Have you always loved acting? No, it was my mom who pushed me to learn acting as well as attend acting workshops, even though I’m not interested.  She said, I once auditioned for a role  tapos dahil ayoko mag acting, umiyak ako ng umiyak.

Ayu described herself as “Shy at first, but once I’m used to being around people, I’m medyo makulit, jolly, and madaldal. I love to sing and dance, I’ve started dancing since I was thirteen years old, mostly to kpop music .
What inspired you to pursue a career as an actor?  I was asked to take part in a project  as  a talent for “And I Love You So, Luv U,”  I get excited and inspired to act when I think about how I’m going to spend the day on set, and if there’s an opportunity to attend a workshop, It’s something I do” she said
When did you first get into acting? Ayu said ‘I began as a talent when I was 15 years old, and because of the exciting experience I had with my first project , I greatly enjoyed and appreciate acting, attending workshops and auditions”.
What do you like in acting the most?  She smile, and say “Since I can’t express myself in real life, I express it on screen.”
Ayumi will take the role of Janice Del Pilar in “Weekend to Remember”. She plays the role of a wealthy and Crush Ng Bayan who is afraid to fall in love. “Weekend to Remember,” which is proudly presented by Wheel of Love under Asterisk Entertainment is a story about sibling rivalry, family Love and conflict.  Written by two of the top caliber teleserye writers of ABS-CBN Jaymar Castro and Jaja Amarillo and Directed by Jolo Atienza. The pilot episode will premiere on AsterisK Entertainment’s Youtube channel on April 18, 2021 at 7 p.m.
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Checkout the video below as AYUMI and cousin YNA  take on “Blindfolded Makeup Challenge”