Perry Escaño’s “Caught in the Act” gives Andi and Joaquin a big break.


A new face that will capture our hearts Joaquin  Domagoso, a 19-year old son of Manila Mayor Isko Moreno and the sweet & pretty girl Andi Abaya, a 19-year old  2nd big placer,of ABS-CBN’s  Pinoy Big Brother Connect . Kapuso and Kapamilya teen stars come united in one new movie adventure that their millennial fans and followers will undoubtedly appreciate. Joaquin Kapuso and Andi Kapamilya get their big break in they portray senior high school students who develop “Caught in the Act,” a crime-prevention app that allows users to report crimes.

New faces are introduced in this film, as well as major characters in the fascinating story. Josh Lichtenberg, Bamboo B.,and Jhassy Cruz Busran. Written and directed by Perry Escaño, the film’s executive producers are Josie Paynor, Reagan Romero, and JCB Production. In the supporting cast are: Karel Marquez, Lance Raymundo, Shido Roxas, John Gabriel, Toni Co, EJ Panganiban, Roy Sotero, Ella Sheen, Jiana Aurigue, Edna Hernandez

A group of senior high school students creates a new mobile app called “Caught in the Act” as part of their final school project. They envision it as crime-prevention app that allows passers-by to report incidents on their campus and in their neighborhood. They witness a crime committed by a syndicate group while testing the app. The app effectively sends a report to the authorities about the continuing crime. However, the chief of police, who is also involved with the syndicate, is the first to receive it.


Writer-Director Perry Escaño said  “This film (Caught in the Act) shows how gifted Filipinos are when it comes to high technology development and production. The video promotes positive Filipino characteristics such as perseverance in the face of adversity, hard effort, responsibility, and optimism in reaching one’s life goals.”

Most Filipinos nowadays – particularly the millennial age – are active on social media, and everyone is aware that apps offer a faster and easier way to interact and communicate

These Apps serve as social companions in today’s world. They play a crucial role in our daily lives, particularly in emergency situations such as those depicted in this video.

Perry, who also helmed “Ang Guro Kong ‘Di Marunong Magbasa” (Cinemalaya 2017) and “Ang Sikreto Ng Piso” (2019)

MPJ Entertainment Productions and Golden Brilliance present “CAUGHT IN THE ACT”. Written and directed by Perry Escaño, the film’s executive producers are Josie Paynor, Reagan Romero, and JCB Production.

I am very excited about my comeback film “Caught in the Act” which is slated to shoot following quarantine requirements for safe filming,” Escaño explained.


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